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The Holy Vampire War

For those who just never die

The holy Vampire War- Vampire game RPG
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You must stay IC, the only post you can go OOC is the one either posted by Mods, or by me. These will have updates, sign ups, extra.

No godmodding I will not have it, you get one warning then you are banned.

No Harrashing other people IC or OOC if i hear about it i will do my best to strighten it out but if it happens again you will be banned.

No killing of chars unless plot wise and it is approved by the Head mod(me) and the person who plays it.

Posting IC must be in story formant no script RPGS

Be kind to each other lets try and be a happily family!

it has been 1000 years after the 2nd death of the Vampire king, and the Hero, also Phalios reincanation vicotry over the feared vampire king.The Princess was writen down in history books as the savior of the human race, however not wtihout a great lost, durring the final battle, the Vampire king destoried all those closest to the princess in one freice attack. As the final battle raged on, she drew her only sword and slew the demon of the night.

Or this is what the history books say....however none can be sure of the truth on that faithful day when everything around Young Ishtar was destoryed.

The princess grew old, and the tales of her adventures passed down for all ages, as the Heroic woman knight. As princess grew older, wed, and had children. As her soul rested in the place where souls rest, the true story remains a secert.

However, what no one knew was that once again the Sly vampire king placed yet another cusre to try once more to destory the one he hated, but also loved.

How would the path of desinty change within a 1000 years?

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